What makes a good Hot Wing? The facts about chicken wings

Just as “clothes make the man,” so too, the “Sauce makes the Wing!”

Make no mistake, wings are “a cult food with a general appeal.” Consumers go out of their way for good wings. They are the number one appetizer item in America based on polls and surveys. They can also sell as a lunch or dinner in and of themselves. They are a comfort food as well and like all comfort foods, they do better in times of a poor economy thereby helping yourself during such times.

How much more will the best wings in the industry do the same. If you are a pizza shop/concept, while pizza is heavily dependent upon discounts and coupons, the same is not true for wings according to experts in the same piece. While discounts and coupons may boost sales, they slice margins in an economy in which this really is not what you need.

Consumers don’t buy wings for the chicken. They buy them for the sauce. The better the sauce, the better the wing. Tasty’s sauces, particularly Tasty’s Hot Wing sauces, are a value-added ingredient! That means that with our sauce you can sell more wings.

Poor quality chicken (wings) or poorly prepared wings can definitely ruin a wing however. We can assist you with that too. Below average wings may satisfy some customers not knowing any better, but they likely won’t draw much in terms of new business and certainly won’t win any awards. Many wings currently being served in chains around the country wouldn’t fly (pun intended) or even be considered average in Buffalo and Western NY, the home of Hot Wings, or even in other areas where consumers know good Hot wings.

Wings made with our sauces on the other hand, recently beat every top Buffalo and Rochester wing establishment in a recently conducted statewide formal survey. So in essence, you and your restaurant can serve better wings than are served where wings grew up! Think about that. Contact us for more information.

Deep-fried produces the best wings, but we have recommended naked pre-cooked wings and boneless wings that produce a very, very close second to deep-fried yet without frying. Your customers may never know the difference. Need boneless wings? We can assist you with product recommendations there as well.

Wing Sauce Portion Control

  • Tasty’s has a patent pending portion-control system designed with the following in mind:
  • Optimal wing sauce application producing the tastiest and most appealing wing possible
  • Perfect (100%) sauce coverage for each wing quickly
  • “Zero-waste” portion control for wing sauce application
  • Minimization of countertop or prep table footprint leaving your prep space for other uses
  • Easy clean-up
  • Foolproof/”monkeyproof” design making misuse a virtual impossibility


Fact: Hot Wings AKA Buffalo Wings are so named because they originated in the city of Buffalo, NY back in the ‘60s.

Fact: An authentic Hot Wing sauce is a wing sauce with a Cayenne Pepper Sauce base to it. While many establishments call what they serve Hot Wings, the reality is that if the base of the sauce is something other than a cayenne pepper sauce, or perhaps a very closely related pepper sauce of another variety of pepper in extending that latitude, then the sauce is not technically a Buffalo Wing sauce. And hey, there’s nothing wrong with other wing sauces. Let’s just call them what they are, eh.

FAQ: Baked wings are healthier than deep-fried wings, right?

Fact: Greasy fried foods are usually greasy because the oil in which they are fried is either not hot enough or has not been changed when it should have been for optimal quality frying. If a deep fryer has fresh oil that is hot enough, food fried in it will be nice and crisp, dry, and tasty and in the case of wings will contain less fat than it did when you dropped them into the fryer.

Myth: Wings are unhealthy to eat.

Reality: That depends upon how they are prepared. Most people think “deep fried,” bleu cheese, etc. = unhealthy.

The fact of the matter is that a good wing sauce made with good ingredients and no “artificial junk” should actually be pretty healthy if not very healthy. Our sauces are! Peppers, which we include a lot of in our sauces and which are also a substantial ingredient to any Cayenne Pepper Sauce base, have many healthful properties.

Peppers are rich in antioxidant vitamins A & C, as well as vitamin K. Peppers also contain Capsaicin which is good for arthritic joints, the circulatory system, for lowering cholesterol, and for boosting immunity and preventing ulcers. Vinegar, an ingredient in just about every sauce in one form or another also has health benefits associated with it. A good wing sauce will contain peppers in one form or another. This goes for dry pepper spices as well. Other spices have other healthful value also.

The celery, and often carrots, that come with an order of wings traditionally need no explanation as to their health value. Celery is also an antioxidant food, has vitamin C, and fiber among other benefits. Carrots are also rich in fiber and are an antioxidant food as well.

Bleu Cheese dressing is usually where people hang up on health regarding wings. Granted, bleu cheese dressing made from mayonnaise and sour cream cannot possibly be placed into a health category. However, two of our favorite bleu cheese dressings specifically for wing dipping, like many dressings, are made from Soybean Oil and Vinegar as the first two ingredients with the third being Bleu Cheese itself. While the Bleu Cheese has some fat as all cheeses do, the amount of Bleu Cheese contained within 2 oz. of dressing, the standard portion size with an order of wings is extremely nominal.

Fat is not something to be eliminated from a diet altogether which would be all but impossible and very impractical to say the least. Rather it should simply be regulated. As such, wings are a relatively well balanced meal when served with a good quality sauce, carrots/celery, and a good quality bleu cheese.

As to cooking, or deep-frying wings, both recommended frying oils for wings, soybean/vegetable oil as well as peanut oil have no cholesterol and are relatively healthy frying mediums.

While as adults we all eat apples as apples, we have all eaten candy apples as children. Naturally the first order of business is to eat the caramel coating off of the apple. Once that is gone however the rest of the apple loses its luster, literally, and the remainder of the apple along with the stick gets tossed into the trash by any child worth his/her salt as a child regarding childhood culinary practices.

All humor aside, people eat wings for the sauce which is where the flavor is, generally speaking and less so for the actual chicken. The quality of the chicken is important, but places rated for their wings are largely highly rated due to the taste of the wings regardless of size.

We have run scientific experiments regarding the amount of sauce that needed to be applied to three varying sizes of wings; 6-7/lb. (Jumbo), 8-10, and 10-12. The 8-10 took the most per pound of wings, the 10-12s the next greatest amount per pound, and the Jumbos (6-7) the least. What this means is that the sauce-to-chicken ratio for the Jumbos was the lowest, and that it was the greatest for the 8-10s, which is why we prefer the 8-10s. And for you restaurants, isn’t that why most customers buy wings, for the flavor of the sauce on them!

FAQ: Why is the “drumstick” considered a wing? (Wing Anatomy)

Myth: Wings are difficult to prepare/cook.

Reality: This could not be more untrue! For detailed instructions on how to prepare wings, please check out our “How to make the Best Wings in America.

Otherwise, all you need is a decent consumer deep fryer, vegetable (soybean) oil to fry with, chicken wings from your poultry case, and a good sauce and Ranch or Bleu Cheese dip. The “How to…” sections above will provide you with all the cooking details otherwise. Let’s just say that making the best Hot Wings in America is easier to do at home than good BBQ is and it’s much easier to avoid making mistakes. Wings are one of the easiest things to prepare at home.

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